Tuesday, November 18, 2014



And our biggest group of converts on my last trip to the temple!

This is my new area from out my window.. The clouds are UNREAL here! IM SO IN LOVE!

Nefita y Lamanita! 


Hey Family!!
So i got changed.... IM IN AYACUCHO!!! but before I get to that I have to tell you about our amazing week!  So last monday we had a mini emergency change.. An hermana in our missions dad had pasted away and she went home for 5 days for the funeral. so Hna guzman went and stayed with her companion, so it was just hna Mendez and I the whole week.  We went to the temple 3 times this past week! twice for baptisms and we did 74 names!!! Thats 74 souls who can finally continue on in the other side!! It was our biggest number yet for one week! So in all in the 3 months I was there 386 baptisms we were abe to help with!! HOLY SMOKES RIGHT? We also had 15 recent converts this past week go to the temple for the first time. Then on Friday we went through a session as a zone. It was great! AND GUESS WHO I SAW?? The whole ward of Villa el salvador! One of our rescues was recieving her endowment and my mission leader was getting sealed to his wife! It was so great to see all of them. I probaly wont have time to send that picture. But man I miss that ward so much! BUt yeah it was a great last week, Hna Mendez and I had sooo much fun together. SO MUCH FUN!  I had only been with her for 3 weeks and we just became so close, It was so hard to say goodbye. She has definetly been one of my favorite companions. We laughed so much together and she helped me a ton with my accent. WE also took like over 600 pictures together in only 3 weeks together. oops. 

Okay now I can tell you about my new area. AYACUCHHO!! Just google map it or something its like way out in the middle of peru in the mountains and jungle. ITS SOOO BEAUTIFUL!  Its about a 10 hour bus drive from Lima. We drove all night and it kicked my bottom.. Its all switch backs and hills as we go higher in elevation. I was sooo sick. I didnt puke but only because I kept swallowing it back down. I had never been car sick before. I was also the only hermana traveling there, so my companion was my zone leader. But yeah I finally got there to meet up with my new companion Hermana Bott, she is from kaysville utah, we were in Cañete together during training, she only has one change less them me. You might recognize her from some of my old pictures. SHE IS GREAT! I love her so much! She loves to run and eat healthy, so im super excited haha! but sorry Dad ill be having another gringo when we skype you guys... ha. But hna Jimenez is here in my zone!  Also this area is 50% family history so i havent escaped completely yet, we teach lessons but only a few nights every week. But we do have a few temple trips planned for this change. Im excited, just not for the bus ride... 

I love you guys so much! I love being a missionary! I love this church is true! Hna bott and I talked alot about prayer yesterday and shared all our cool experiences with Prayer in our lifes.I know our heavenly father hears and CARES about everything we say. I know he loves each one of us! 

Have a great week!! 

Hermana Nielsen

Ps, there was an earthquake this week, it was actually pretty strong.

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