Monday, November 24, 2014

Familias GALORE!‏

Wow this was one of the best and hardest weeks of my mission. I am sooo tired, mentally and spiritually drained!
WE FOUND 2 FAMILIIES!!!! Ill try to tell this story as quick as possible but we were walking and we passed a Mamita, which is basically a true Peruvian, they dress traditional with these long skirts and their hair in braids and these weird hats. but she was carrying these bags of like popped rice. They weren't heavy at all but we asked to help and she handed them over ha, then when we asked where she was headed she replied ARRRIBA.. we thought great all the way up the mountain out of our area. But we figured it would be good to know where her house was so we walked with her and started talking with her, she told us about her family and her job. Then as we were getting close to her house it just started down pouring rain. We were drenched, we gave her our umbrella. When we got to her house we asked if we could come in and share something with her and her family. She let us in, it was a tiny one room house with one bed, we walked in and just see like 5 little kids all huddled on this bunk bed together. Their roof was just a sheet of tin and the rain was coming down soo hard so we couldn't hear anything. We sat there just being stared at by her 5 kids and husband for 20 minutes cause they couldn't hear if we tried to talk. But We did pass around our my family books so they could see our families. We really wanted to teach them because we had finally found a Family!!  and the youngest was 7! Hna Bott yelled to me say a prayer in your head for the rain to stop. So we both did at the same time and literally the down pouring just vanished. we looked at each other in just pure shock! PRAYER IS SO REAL! We were able to teach the first lesson and it was soo cool they all just sat in amazement listening. It was a great lesson! We set up another time to come back  and as soon as we got out the door Hna bott and I just hugged each other for like 2 minutes! It was such a miracle. We have been praying to find families all our missions!
The next family was pure coincidence, which remember I don't believe in. We knocked on the wrong door and asked for a Julia and the daughter of 31 years old ( with her FAMILIY) a little confused told us she had lived there but has passed away 2 years ago and seemed pretty hurt still talking about it. She told us her mom Julia was a member, then she just let us in and she taught a great lesson with her family too!  And she came to church this week! I have never seen so many miracles in just one week! But its also been so draining cause now their all I think about and how we can help them. I'm so worried about them every second. Its getting tiring. ha.
The other thing I've been struggling with is changing how I teach these people. They don't really have a social background and don't have very much education. Especially all the parents here and its so hard to come down to that level and be able to teach them. Its like teaching  year olds. But whenever I get in these slumps I feel my answer is always the spirit. ANYONE can feel the spirit. Even kids! And the spirit will be what teaches them not what we actually say. So that has been our focus for these familias. especially these Mamitas! Which also remember that crazy language I told you about. Everyone over 70 here that's all they speak. We have a sunday school class just in  Quequa. I've actually been learning a little bit. I can say ¨Manca, Nuqa kani nañay Nielsen ¨ (Hello my name is hermana Nielsen) 
But yeah its been a great week! so much to do! but I'm loving every second and every day more and more! Hermana Bott and I are ready to see some great miracles this change.
Im actually really excited we both are going to pass our birthdays together ( hna bott is the 15) and christmas!!
I love you guys soo much! I love testifying that this gospel will bless there lives and families because it has blessed mine! AND IT IS SO TRUE! You guys are the best! 

Hermana Nielsen

ps Hey also I got the YSA package but it didnt have pictures of Carly like you said.. so Idk if you forgot or what happened. 
Pss They don't have thanksgiving here... And we aren't doing anything special. BUT more time to teach these families!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

pss i dont know if i mentioned but Hna Bott and I are sister Leaders!

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