Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey family!
Good Honk, I can not believe its already DECEMBER!! I'm glad you guys had a good thanksgiving. Our thanksgiving feast was an omlet and beets. Mmm! Actually it was pretty good. Hermana Bott and I cook for ourselves during the week cause its cheaper then paying for a pension, and its been the best. We eat pure vegatables basically! And we run together every morning! Ive actually lost 2 kilos, not sure how much that is in pounds but yeah!. haha. For thankgiving we had a Family home evening at a members house with the 4 elders we share the ward with and the investagators we brought. Hermana Bott and I made healthy no bake cookies to bring ha! We used a banana inplace of butter and didnt add sugar. They just tasted like dark chocolate no bakes. WE lOVED THEM! And everyone else did too. Then we played Dont Eat Pete! It was super fun and so funny hearing the Latinos say it in English. haha

So we taught that family Machaca that we found in the rain and it went really well! They started to open up and the dad explained how he really wanted to see a change, and that none of the other churches he has been too he has felt one. Thats like the best thing to hear ever! After wards we played Dont eat pete! Its actually one of the best games to play for missionaries. We just use cheap candies and a piece of paper. I dont think the kids had ever really played together like that as a family so they really enjoyed it. And the parents were laughing too! Only the mom and 2 kids came to church this sunday but she said she really liked it and wanted her whole family to come next week! Im really praying they all do! I love them so much already!

So with family history its been kind of slow, we just teach lessons basically. The temple is so far away its hard to see progress. WE have a trip planed for the 13 of december. But its so hard to get a group. It cost 150 soles about to ride the bus, and these families dont have that kind of money. We have talked alot about sacrifice and the pioneers, I know the importance of the temple and the importance of sacrifice but it still is so hard to ask them when we have seen the places where they live and know they are bearly getting along. BUt we are praying super hard for all of them! We do have a few who are going who can afford it just fine. So we are looking forward to this temple trip, just now the bus ride.... 

Not much else to say about this week. It was good but I cant think of anything else. Tonight we are headed to Lima for our Leadership meeting. NOT looking forward to the bus ride, but we will just eat a light lunch. 

I love you all so much!! I know this church is true! Something I'm learning here is that before my testimony was really that I knew the CHURCH was true. Because I could see how the CHURCH had blessed my life and the standards ect, but here its a little different, church is a lot different. But now I'm gaining a testimony of the DOCTRINE. The Doctrine is true! and thats what we teach and thats why its still Christ church here in Peru, no matter how different it may be from the states. BUt i still love it here! SO much! I love being a missionary! I cant even express how happy I am, IM SOOO HAPPY! I love my companion! I love Peru! I love the book of mormon! I love my mission presidente and his wife! Life just seriously couldn't get better! 
WE are excited for another great week of working! Love you guys!

Hermana Nielsen

ps, for pday today we are taking christmas card pictures! I curled my hair for the first time in like 9 months!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hermana botts family sent her some cute decorations. Then we put feliz Navidad on the other side. 

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