Monday, December 8, 2014

Im dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!‏

Hey Family!
Well I just spent like 30 minutes of my email time looking through all of chelsea´s Blog pictures she sent, and they are all soo cute! Adelaide is HUGE! and my room looks so different. And amber has raided ALL my clothes haha. Thanksgiving looked like such a Blast! You all are so cute! I love love loved seeing all the pictures. THANKS CHELSEA! 

So honestly the only thing I could even want for my birthday today would be like 45 extra minutes to write you guys!! But Ill try to do with what I got!

I was soo tired this week. Like zombie tired. WE drove to lima all night last monday got there at like 8 changed in the bathroom and had our leadership meeting which was really good! President talked alot about baptism, and really here in Peru we could baptize ANYONE we wanted. Its so true. Its so easy to teach them, explain it, they become convinced and boom a baptism. But they arent truly converted, And thats a huge problem we are having here. No one is staying active. So president told us we can not baptize anyone until they are solid ready and have truly truly repented and UNDERSTAND. that the huge thing. we are teaching people who are educated so half done even understand. Its frustrating. But its so true. He also shared a scripture that said is someone doesnt repent before baptism it really doesnt even count. That hit me HUGE! WE HAVE to find those that are READY and will establish the church not be another burden for the leaders to try to get to church every week. Hna Bott talked a ton about this! So alot of the ´people we are teaching are gonna take a while to get ready but we are working hard with them! 

We then drove back to Ayacucho that same night got back in the morning at 8 just in time to head over for our zone meetings,. so we slept 2 nights in a row in a bus. FUN. but i didnt get as sick as the first time. so that was good!

So we may not be having any baptisms this christmas but we are still dreaming of a WHITE christmas! This saturday we are taking 3 converts to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! So we are very very very grateful for the hand of the lord in our work in Family history! And we have had lots of miracles getting this trip together!  Speaking of white... GUESS WHAT! IT SNOWED IN AYACUCHO!! okay well hailed but there was a layer of white on the ground! WE were so excited! WE are gonna have a white christmas after all! We have pictures!

HEY IDEA and FAVOR! I was thinking and for a family home evening activity you guys should all get on family search and everyone who write a memory or funny story about grandma and grandpa, either side,  or our family or anything and add it family search! Its so important we record all those memories. I didnt realize how much I had forgotten.
And mom and dad if you could get on and write about your grandparents, I want to put something in my book but I know nothing about them.. Im trying to finish it all before christmas. Then send them to me by email too because sometimes they dont show up for everyone. 

I think thats everything I got for today! I love you guys sooo much! Seriously soo much! I cant believe in just 10 short days I will have completed a year here in Peru. I try not to think about it, Im loving every moment! I seriously feel 1 year older and wiser too! Ive learned sooo much in just this past year!I LOVE LOVE LOVE what im doing here as a missionary! Have a great week!

Hermana Nielsen

ps hna bott gave me a memory card and little sock footies for my birthday, those ar the Perfect present. what I needed! 

Christmas card fotos!‏



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