Monday, December 15, 2014

Stop. Drop and PRAY!‏


This was a great week!Full of sooo many miracles! My testimony of prayer has been so strengthen! WE went to the temple saturday with 2 recent converts and 2 rescued members! BUT boy was it HARD!! Satan really did not want them to go to the temple. Every single one of them had thier own personal advisary fighting them to go. One of them named Gabriela she is 19 and the only member in her family, she has only been a member for 7 months, and she was super super excited to go to the temple for the first time. Thursday morning she calls us just bawling! and told us that her teacher told her she had to take for final exam saturday, she had already bought her tickets and everything but her teacher said it was the only day. We tried to calm her down, read a few scriptures with her. told her to just go and pray and heavenly father would figure it all out. As soon as we hung up. We looked at each other and just both at the same time dropped to our knees to say a prayer for her. Hna Bott said it but it was the coolest thing I was like kind of praying along in my head and everything I was thinking she said! It was like she was reading my mind. When we finished we just smiled and said yeah everything will be alright. I felt pure peace. It wasnt til friday morning that she told us that she called her teacher and explained she was going to the temple and it was really important and he let her take it friday morning! Nice try satan!

The temple was GREAT!!! ALl the other hermanas working in family history came and we had a huge group! 


THE WHOLE BRANCH OF MALA!!!!!!!!!! I literally ran to them and just hugged and kissed all of them!!! And I got attacked by all the little kids! I was suprised they even remembered me! BUt the Familia Gallegos came!! I guess they didnt get to go the last time so this was thier first time entering the temple for baptism! It was sooo great so see them! The little girl Lucia just bawled! It was so special. I love that family soo much! And they told me they are getting sealed in JUNE! justamente I had asked permision from president the week before to be able to go because techincally I was never there for a baptism. But he said Yes! Which we will have to figure out more later because Im pretty sure its like 1 week after im suppose to come home so we will have to see if I could extend or if we are all making a trip back to peru 1 week afterwards! It was so great I cant even describe how happy I was! I also saw Hna Mendez! I missed her alot! Hey did I ever mention her family moved to Floridia while she was here on her mission. Im trying to help her learn english. She is the best! Also hna guzman from argentina sends Dad saludos! She is bummed too she wont get to meet you for christmas! ha

I love you all sooo much!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever! I love my calling! I love seeing so many miracles! Prayer is so real! I wasnt able to share all my experiences but something Ive learned from hermana Bott is that its never a bad time to just stop and pray. We stop and pray before everything we do and its made such a difference in our word! PRAY ALWAYS!!
also I hit the big 365 this week! I cant believe what ive seen and what ive become in just a short year! Im so ready to work so hard these last 6!! I wish it would never end! KNow I love every one of you! And thanks for all the birthday wishes! 

Hermana NIelsen

ps, Fun fact.. Im the talllest Hermana In he mission right now! woohoo!
ps Happy birthday to Great Grandma Ruby Godfrey on friday!

My birthday ice cream!



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