Tuesday, March 11, 2014

first combio down...AH!‏

alrighy family... 
gonna try and get everything in! 
First off ahh! Congrats on the win to Cody against Desert Pine, I can just imagine dad and talking about it all night, that's so awesome. But sorry for the lost in the final. Trust me been there done that. ..plenty of times.. There is always another year, but even then just remember cCody there are better things in life. Beating SC as an underdog for me was a lot more memorial then winning state at track. State isnt everything. :) be happy you beat dessert pine that's HUGE! 

So last week I forgot to mention that while in Lima Hna Galo got her bag stolen while we were eating. It was right next to her in between us actually and then bam just gone like that. And it had EVERYTHING! It had her camera and all her photos, Her PASSPORT, all her identification, Our huge ´cellphone´ its wireless and works like a cellphone but is in the shape of a normal huge home phone with the cord. but we had to bring it to be able to call in Lima. haha so yeah that got stolen. and her scriptures and all the numbers and contacts of all our investigators. Yeah it was pretty sad...

SO this week,  Friday we had our lesson with John, he is 18, his baptism was for Saturday and he wasn't sure if he was ready, at the and at the end we asked him to say the prayer, and it was like the perfect investigator prayer, he asked to know if these things were true and to know if Joseph was a true prophet and you could tell he was actually truly being sincere, we were so surprised! He had his interview anyways and that was his answer he said, so we planned it was Saturday night. Saturday night came around and he didn't show up, we called and called, then at like 9 that night he said that he had to stay late for work and that when he got home his aunt freaked out on him about his baptism and just tons of problems, but he said he still wanted to, so we planned it for Sunday at 7 in the morning.
    And for the first time ever.. (with Peruvians ha) He CAME! he was a little uncomfortable because he didn't know what exactly was happening with the whole thing or how it worked. But everything went well, then afterwards they asked him to bare his testimony and he just shared how before everything was going against it, with his job and aunt and he was really unsure about this whole baptism thing but afterwards he knew it was right and he felt good about it.And he said he still has a a lot to learn so he still needs to come to church and do all those little things, Hna Galo and I look at each other and were like is this for real? He had never been like this in the lessons! Then we had church like 15 minutes afterwards ha, and he received his confirmation, and it was by a kid in the ward who just received his mission call to Uruguay, but it was super good! He did a great job! Then John asked if he could come with us THAT NIGHT to teach and visit people. All in the same day! it was awesome, and i think he was surprised at how much he actually knew and was able to explain to our other investigators that night. 

Oh we had combios which is the reason this is late. Im staying here in Mala with hna Galo :) Other then that, its been a pretty normal week, Ive been sick the past 2 weeks with a cold and a bad stuffy nose, and have a ton of nasty blisters on the balls of my feet by my toes, but thats just normal things. Love you guys lots!! Oh and  happy birthday to papanwa this week!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS! 

hope you have a great week!! 
Hermana Nielsen
Alexus's baptism. With Hno Edgar

Laundry mix up wth the Elders... HAHA!

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