Monday, March 3, 2014

havent quite figured out peruvians...‏

alright to finish what I started last week! so after she hangs up on us we go with the elder and run to their house which is up a HUGE never ending hill! and they all start talking to the mom and basically she says that she is scared because her husband is a drunk and will beat her. so we said ask him when he gets home and get permission and then we left. We continued on with Piera's baptism which went very well, we kept calling Valentin to hear word about his dad but he never answered, I kept praying that somehow he would just show up but as the night got later I started doubting it.. THEN right before the closing hymn, there walks in Valentin in a striped dirty button up with a red tie and a sweater down to his knees it was the CUTEST THING EVER! and he was with his mom so we freaked out and were super excited and run and grab his clothes and have him go change and while this is happening, a member of the bishopric comes over and starts talking to the mom and asking her is she really wants this and as soon as he did she started her freaking out session again so they take her in another room and he talks to her with the Elder, we were all like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! She came, she brought him, why are you trying to stop this! Elder Cohen, our zone leader was getting pretty hot with the member of the bishopric and they were kind of going at it. So after like 15 minutes of talking it over, they decided they wouldn't do it unless the dad came to the baptism. Poor Valentin was so upset. We all were.. 
  So then the next day we go knocking on doors in the morning reminding about church, and we knock on Briza's and her dad says oh she is asleep so we said we would come back in 30 min, when we did he said she had left, which wasn't true but anyways so we invited him to church and said he was welcomed to come. so then we go to church and Elder Cohen asks where Briza was we explain the story and he says well go get her she has to be here. so as we are walking out her dad walks in and were like yay they came! but it was just him!! were like WHAT? where is your daughter? cause her dad inst a member.. so yeah, I haven't quite figured out Peruvians... but she finally came and got confirmed. thank goodness. But i was a little annoyed because if we have to drag her to her own confirmation, she is never gonna be able to walk on her own.. but I cant really do much or control much yet.. 

 as for this week. nothing too exciting happened, we went to Lima for migration and I met up with a bunch of friends from the CCM which was great to catch up with! but yeah it was a slow week.. but went by really fast too. Spanish is still coming along slowly.. but I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!! 
Hermana Nielsen!

This is at a place call lunahuna! Its basically a just a huge river, then we hiked around it and here are some pictures. The first one is our sleepover with the other hermanas cause it was a couple hours away to get there so we stayed the night with them it was fun! :)


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