Monday, February 24, 2014

another week in peru!‏

This was one loong week! but first I wanted to tell you more about my area and my day to day life.Mala is pretty small but right on the beach, but all the houses are up in the hills which are just pure sand basically. but since we are up in the hills we have the BEST view of all the houses below us then the farms and where all the fruit is grown so its all pretty and green, then the beach! Its so pretty and the sunset every night is gorgeous too! A Lot of hills but I'm glad we are up high so we can see everything ;) But our area is kind of dirty and gross, which is basically all Peru. Garbage everywhere! dogs everywhere and dog poop everywhere. The houses these people live in aren't houses... they are more like shacks. The walls are like bamboo twigs or something tied together with tarps and ceilings, some if they are lucky have bricks with a sloppy job of being cemented together. No one really has floors its all sand and dirt so everything is just dirty. They all for the most part have electricity and the closer to the bottom of the hill they have running water. But its the way they all live so its normal. And in the windows of every house is little snacks and goodies where they try to sell whatever they can. yep its a totally different world! I've only seen like 3 cars in my area. Everyone either just walks or they have these things called mototaxies that are basically the front of a motorcycle with a bench attached to the back and covered. they only fit like 2 but they are everywhere. Tiny things though.

  ALL they drink here is Inca Kola. its like bubble gum flavored soda or something but it has caffeine so I just tell them pop makes me sick, so i just dont drink any type of soda here. which is probably better because all we eat is rice potatoes and chicken.. every meal. ha. and they serve YOU so its HUGE portions! ughh.. soo.. yes I'm going to get fat. :(

As for our house we have floors and walls and "running" water ha, and toilets that flush so I am very grateful!

Kay now for my week! Tuesday I experience my first real earthquake! It was small but lasted about a minute, I was confused what was going on for about half of it though. So we were planning for 3 baptisms this Saturday but everyone was starting to get kind of iffy and we were having trouble with the parents, so we started a fast Wednesday night for all 3 of them. Then we had mutli zona with the president I didn't understand much.. But then next night one of the girls, Piera that was suppose to be baptized called us and told us to come to her house so we did and they were all happy and said that they all agreed they wanted her to be baptized so we were super happy, then the other kid Valentin we got the signature of his dad which was really scary cause he is like a drunk and doesn't like us. so yeah it was all great and dandy! 

Then the other girl Briza, we go to her house and she says shes not ready and doesn't want to so we change her date, then we run back to the church and our zone leader was there and he says call her and tell her to come her I want to talk to her, so we do, and she comes and he talks to her for like an hour then comes out and announces she is getting baptized the next day, but the only time she could was in morning so we had her baptism at 7 IN THE MORNING! Then that night was the baptism of Piera and Valentin, Piera came with her parents and they were all cute and happy, but Valentin wasn't there so we call him and his mom says oh he is sick he cant come but in the background we hear him saying no I'm fine Hermanas! then she hangs up on us. 

AHHHH I'm out of time!!! to be continued next week promise! sorry!
but as for your question about Kylee's call, I think that is perfect for her, and actually when I was reading Joseph Smith history last week the thought came to my mind I bet Kylee goes there, cause she always talked about her experience visiting there. so yeah I think its perfect! 
-Hermana Nielsen

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