Monday, February 17, 2014


This week we now officially have 11 people with BAPTISM DATES! HOLY SMOKES! So we are suuper busy! and 8 investigators came to church!!! WOOHOO! Best day every! This week I also went on exchanges with Hna Rivera from Honduras and Hna Munos from Chile, I was in the area Chincha. OH yeah and my area is Mala peru, not Rala haha oops! But Chincha was super gross and ugly, I didn't realize how much good I have it in Mala til I left. I saw 5 dead dogs! just in the sidewalk, and they were just black and already decayed and people just walk around them, one didn't have a head! no idea where it was... but yeah. But it was good, Hna Rivera only has a month left so she taught me a lot and I could understand her Spanish really well! better then Hna Galo! It was a 24 hour exchange but with a 4 hour drive... so a lot of driving in buses. We spent a lot of time at the Gallegos family this week because the mom is sick.. they are awesome! they have 6 kids which is a ton here! the kids are all baptized that are old enough but the parents aren't yet because they aren't married because it cost a lot and is hard to get married here so we´ve been helping them with there papers. We are also teaching a bunch of kids! There is this huge hill, and at the top tons of mixed friends and families living together, so it started out as a few but now we have a bunch of them interested. from ages 12-18 they all came to church! and they all come to the activities we have! They are all also committed for the 22 of march for baptism. So we are excited about that. 

As far as spanish comes, its about the same.. I kind of had a break down this week cause now its not that I cant talk to anyone its that I want so badly to be apart of the lessions and teach these kids and families but when i try to say something more personal outside the lesson words I cant say much and so its just ends in a mess... So now my motivation is to be able to teach these people, cause now i do love them and want to help them. 
Hope all is well at home. Cant believe amber is with you guys! I hope I have just as a hard time ending my mission as her, she really is the greatest example! Love you guys so much! Its not easy down here, but salvation is not cheap either. I only have 18 months to serve, but an eternity to think about how I did!
- Hermana Nielsen

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