Monday, February 10, 2014

faith and lots of patience...‏

The computers here are so slow!!  ugh. BUT! this week was A LOT better! We had a baptism on Saturday for alexis. He is Italian and 14, but super acceptive and always comes to all the church activities. He was really happy. :) ALSO in all my complaining last week I forgot to mention that on my second day here we were on a 30 min bus ride to our zone meeting and I got separated from my companera, i sat next to a random guy. I started by asking if he was from Peru (all in spanish) then explained where I was from and who I was and about my mission. then I explained the book of mormon and gave it to him! and all I could basically say was i promise this will change your life. haha. but as the best two years would say ¨ I just placed my first book of mormon!¨ thats for cody! but yeah its getting better, now i can understand my companion so she has to translate everyone elses spanish into my type of understanding spanish so i rely on her a lot! but yeah hopefully I have more time next week! i have letters i wrote that i will send hopefully soon! love you! and I'm so jealous you get to see Sister Nielsen this Friday!!!!! ahh!
-hermana nielsen

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