Monday, February 3, 2014

Hardest first week of my life!‏

Well I made it! And i have never been more excited for p-day since i havent had it in 2 weeks! SO much to say but i have NO TIME like always so Ill try to get in as much as possible. Tuesday morning I said my goodbyes to my district and friends. It was really hard. One of the districts sang God be with you til we meet again for us and it was SOOO GOOD! Oh my! Anyways I left the CCm and met with Presidente Douglas. I got my companion Hermana Galo, from honduras. Who speaks NO ENGLISH! Super cute and super nice and a GREAT missionary but its so hard to figure out what we are both trying to say. The first 2 days I was feeling really overwhelmed, and i was super homesick for the CCM. mostly i think just because i missed being able to talk and laugh with people in english, and i was missing my district a TON, it was really hard. But i just kept praying and focusing on why i was here. Finally i met a girl named karen, who is a member but we still visit and teach her, she is my age and was just super patient and tried to talk with me and would just smile and just loved me and it helped alot and i realized i Love it here I love the poeple I love the gospel, the language is the only barrior I have that is making me feel this way. So ive been praying for patience and working to understand and speak it as much as possible. And now with a week in, im doing so much better. And i know im gonna love it here. Im in Rala, its a tiny farm/ dessert area.very poor. the houses are literally one room made of bricks or straw but dirt floor and one bed. we are lucky we have a bathroom in  our room. Its all hills of SAND! so im getting my work out. But yeah it was a hard adjustment but its getting better, we have a TON of investagators like 28 or something and 8 with baptism dates within the next 2 weeks. so we are always busy. My mind is kind of scrambled and I have no time left. BUt i love you guys! Hopefully i can get more in next time!  My address is the mission home thats in my call packet. and ill get you a scrip and picture next time! Miss you guys! But im glad im here. if i could just learn spanish a little faster everything would be perfect! con mucho amor!
Hermana Nielsen

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