Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday week!!‏

I feel like i just wrote you guys. So this week was a little on the slower side,.. With changes and conference everyone is adjusting to there new areas or dont know about us, So this next week we will be visting zone meetings and ward council. Presidente has asked us to visit all the Ward coucils in all the lima zones... THATS 32 ward councils in 5 weeks.. uhhh.. yeah so are work is just getting started. Also presidente wants to double our number of persons we take to the number for this month! 

So conference was super good! I got to watch it in English, and I totally understood everything the spanish speakers said, we listened in spanish those ones. Huge progress from last conference as far as understanding goes. YAY! I thought it was super cool how they let them speak in there native tongue. I fet like a general theme was just not letting the adversary pull us away from what we believe and the importance of prophets and sustaining them. with lots of other toppings like loving everyone no matter what there beliefs and taking the sacretment with purpose. I really liked Bednars, but i always love his.

Thats all I can think of that has happened in the past 5 days..

So this is the week of birthdays! Its seriosuly everyones birthday!  but to my family, Happy Birhthday to My oldest and youngest sisters! CHELSEA hope you had a great day! I cant believe your 25! And my adi pants happy birthday thursday! My little stinker is gonna be 5!! AHH! I love you guys lots! Im so happy to have you 2 in my life! 

Love you ALL!!
Hermana Nielsen

ps, I sent home a package for you guys with hna udy who just finished, Hopefully thatll be getting to you guys soon. let me know when you get it!

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