Monday, September 15, 2014

Institutes on FIRE!!‏

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Todo esta bien en siooooooon!
SO this was a greeeat week!! We taught 35 stinkin lessons!! 19 of them being saturday alone! 
We went to the temple twice this week with 6 recent converts and they all did baptisms for thier family names! This next week we have plans for 20 recent converts to take to the temple so we will be going 3 times! Its so great how much the missionaries are supporting us and bringing so many people to us to teach! well and because they all want to go to the temple too. ha we were supper busy this week which I LOOOVED because if we dont have people to teach, there isnt anything else we really do but sit around. 

SO cool experience we had this week finding names, one couple who just got baptized were putting all there names and information that they knew in thier familysearch account and one of the names poped up and already existing, and bam just like that we found a whole branch already done with names ready to go, we didnt have to do any searching, we found 11 names to take the temple! WOO! They arent sure how it got there either because no one in their family are members, but hey ill take the miracle!

So something I was thinking about is that really our job is the retaining part, our focus right now is just to make sure all those people who have been baptized STAY! And the next step is the temple. We are fully focused and especialize in making sure they get to the temple right after they are baptized, its a weird change in things because i had been on the other side all my mission with finding and baptizing but its so cool and now i understand how important it is the make sure they continue and are progressing. 

Hey so funny story I forget to tell ya last week, we were teaching an investagator named flora shes a little old lady who can bearly can get around and she is of a different religion, but loves talking to us and discussing about our beliefs, but to begin I had to say the opening prayer and she couldnt kneel so she stood up, and after like every word I said she would say AMEN, but she would like really get into it, it was soo funny and I just kept thinking about Suits on the Loose, haha cody will understand what im talking about ask him.  It was exactly the same. haha. Then afterwards we sang a Hymn and she told us there was a song from her church she really liked and wanted to sing it for us, so she was still standing and then just sings her heart out to us. She actually had a pretty good voice, it was like opera but it was the loooongest song of my life, took up half the lesson. then she stopped right in the middle and said I dont remember the rest and sat down. hahaha.

LOve you all TOOONS!
Hermana Nielsen

PS, dad I finally talked to that Elder from Argentina and he said he is from the ward in Banfield and wants to know if you knew anyone named nancy alvarez? I think thats his mom, but she would have been there while you were serving. 

ps, CHelsea i just read your story from your blog about finding a name!! CONGRATS!!! keep it up! love you!

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