Monday, June 1, 2015

´Go Bigger or Go Home... or both´‏


This week was just WOW....

First we went to the temple with ANA! SHe is a recent convert it was GREAT!

Next wE had Interviews with president and the first thing he asked me is if I was still being challenged. I laughed and told him the beginning and the end of my mission have been the hardest. And that each day I learned something knew, and that the learning process never seems to end. Our interview was super short, he just explained the doctrine but they are always so powerful.

So this week we had Hna Rodgriuez added to our companionship. And it has been such an experience. I cant share alot in details but im gonna try to explain it the best I can, and hopefully it makes sence the impact it had on me personally. SHe has had a hard mission. She was originally in our mission then had to go home for back problems and then was reasigned to another mission, then there she had a few horrible things happen, which I dont have permission to talk about but were pretty serious which lead to her being reassigned back here again for her last 3 months. WE had no idea until she finally explained everything, which shocked both my companion and I. I first thought was why in the world would president put her with us, im not the person to help her and am not good in those kinds of situations of giving comfort and being sensitive to needs. Hna Rodriguez then shared with us her testimony of the healing power of the atonement. It was so simple but it changed everything inside of me. It was like my eyes were opened even wider to how powerful and amazing the atonement is for every situations. She had been through alot of counseling and shared all that she had learned and it was just so inspiring. She also let us know that she still didnt feel completely capable of fulfilling her calling yet and would probably be going home this week. 

After everything was over with it was all I thought about all week, jsut trying to figure it all out for myself, and I kept thinking if she had never left peru for back problems all this horrible things which now will effect the rest of her life, would have never happened. I then thought back to a story from the June Liahona I had just read called the Path to Palmayra, It explained all the details of Joseph smith and his family and what they went through to finally get to palmayra. Basically every step was something unfortuante, trail after trial but it the end Heavenly father was guiding them to where they needed to be, where the plates were. I thought about Hna rodgriuez and her experience and how each step was something unfortuant leading her to where she needed to be, with us. Personally for me. I felt she was sent all the way back to peru for this short week just to share her testimony of the atonement to me. Because it just changed everything for me. And was exactly what I needed. and I beleive Heavenly father was that aware of me.  This experience for me was something very sacred and gave me so much ´ganas´ to study the atonement and the healing power it has. (I have no idea how to say that in english, it just sounds better in spanish)  
Jospeh smith and Hna Rodriguez got exactly where he needed to be. GOd is shaping and directing us every single day to ends more glorious than we can ever know.  He is so aware. 

Its impossible to explain how much I was actually impacted by this experience in this short amount of time and not being able to reread through it and make sure it made sence but hopefully that made sense. Its better in my journal. ha.

quick update on Abel, he has been late so he promised to be on time this sunday and showed up 20 minutes before it started. WE walk in and HE was the only one in the chapel sitting alone in a white shirt and tie and a nice hair cut ( he always comes in jeans and had the biggest fro ever! ha) It was the BEEEST sight EVER!!! 

I know this church is true. I know christ lives and tha he is my savior. THanks to him EVERYTHING is possible. The atonement heals everything. Its so absolutely incredible. I love being a missionary! And am so grateful for every experience!   Have a great week! 

Hermanita Nielsen


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