Monday, May 25, 2015

Live like your ´Dying´‏

Wow! Another week already...
As for our two with baptism dates.. Abel is so amazing! His faith and understanding is incredible, I feel we haven't done much and he is growing and learning all by himself.  His date has been changed to the 13 of June! I am praying so hard everything goes smoothly so that he can be my last baptism. Everything has been so perfect so far Im just waiting for the trail to blow up in our face. But maybe Heavenly Father is just rewarding us with this perfect baptism! And Nancy came to church! Her first sunday, and it was slightly a disater... I won't go into to much detail but basically she started her period the last hour of church... But she said loved church and was super interactive in gospel princibles. They both are so willing to learn and we are so blessed to be teaching them. WE are still struggling finding investagators. Mostly our struggle is getting inside the house and teaching for the first time. WE have tons of names recommended and we contact them and set up a time to visit but its either too busy or not home. But we press on! I'm really just trying to enjoy each day and each moment good or bad!
So this week we went to find a recent convert. I had been to her house but I couldn't remember exactly where it was. When we finally got to the house the gate was locked, I had no idea what doorbell it was, it was one of those houses that has a ton of different houses and floors. SO I just randomly hit one. A lady came on the speaker thing and asked what we wanted. We just asked for the Hna we were looking for that lived on the first floor. SHe said we have hit the 4th floor but then asked if we were missionaries, she surprisingly said yes. Then she told us to wait there and that she wanted to come down and talk to us. Kind of scared and worried whether this was a good or bad thing we waited. She ended up being a member that was just visiting and said that her niece had been going to church in the wrong ward and asked what ward we were from. SUre enough we were from the ward she was suppose to be attending. Her niece wasn't a member but loves coming to church! And she came this sunday! WE were super excited and it was such a miracle how we found her! If I hadn't hit the wrong doorbell we were have never know she was there. We have a lesson with her this week! Heavenly FAther is sooo great!
WE also visited a random name on the ward directory I didn't recognize and we went and visited them and found a  couple visiting from Canada but had lived here before and were in the ward and they gave us 6 references!! It was such a miracle.. I think randomly doing things has been working out really well for me lately.
WE also had a training with president, which was AMAZING! WE had a mini testimony meeting at the end with those he selected and it was just the best. I loove the spirit and being able to feel it everyday. I think thats what I fear the most about not being a missionary. I know it will be a lot harder to keep it with me. The things that stood out most to me was what he shared about the sabbath day. I know there are many things I will change when I am home. I never took it as serious as it really is. It was such a great training, I felt everything I learned was not what was said by president but what I recieved through impressions of the spirit which was what made it such an inspiring training.

Other then that we are just working hard and trying to talk to everyone. working each day like its my last, and enjoying all the little things, including the empanadas on the corner of the street :) I learn something new everyday. ANd I feel this change I've learned so much about myself and my relationship with my savior. He is my best friend.
I love being a missionary and I loove you guys so much! HAve a great week!!!
Hermanita Nielsen

HEy quick question. When is Cody going through the temple? Are you gonna wait for me?

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