Tuesday, May 19, 2015

17 Months......Its no longer a celebration‏

Hey family!

This was a great week! I love being a missionary! Positives for this week definetly would be ABEL! He is doing amazing! He loves the book of mormon! He shared a 20 minute testimony with us about how much he loves it and how it has answered his questions and shared a personal experience of how he was upset and sad and read and it was literal comfort to him. AHHH!! Hearing that and seeing how he has come to know that is why I looove being a missionary! He also mentioned how he felt like the Book of Mormon was his mother in life..... uh... Then went on to explain that he never grew up with  a mom to teach him but everything he reads in the Book of Mormon is like advice from a Mom and his guidence through life, like a mother would give to her children.. Hahaha he is such  a funny guy I love that kid! He came late to church.. again. So we are gonna make sure we talk to him and make it clear he has to be there on time so his date doesnt fall. I'm super excited for him he is progressing so much! WE also put a new baptism date  with Nancy! The one with the son serving in Iquitos. SHe didnt come to church and hasnt read a whole lot but shows a sincere desire to change and become part of this gospel that her son is teaching. WE try to refer to her son alot in lessons. And help her realize everything we do and teach is exactly what her son is doing. ANd that he is helping creating eternal families in other families, and how much it would mean to him to have that eternal family created in his own family. WE are praying hard for her!

We also found Castrolina this week! It was cool because I was deciding where we should go next and had a house in mind so we started walking that way then I just decided to take a different route and we saw her, she was pushing a mobile food stand all by herself so we offered to help. I dont know how she was planning on doing that alone, it was heavy and hard to push. She told us usually her son comes to help her but couldnt today, we asked where she was headed and it was kind of far but we  helped her the whole day. ANd it was hard, haha we were all sweating a ton by the time we got there. SHe thanked us and we took down her information. WE looked for her house but could never find it... Then later that week just like the first time I just randomly changed my mind of where to go and as we were walking we saw her coming out of her house! We were able to teach a short lesson! It was such a miracle! It reminded me of Elder Bednar when he says ´Be a good girl´ Alot of times we dont notice the spirit as a prompting just a thought but if we are doing what we are suppose to we are guided. It was neat to see how that was worked through me this week.

Then Tuesday after district meeting we got an announcement that an Hermana in our stake house caught on fire. So we had to hurry home and change, skipping lunch and we all went over to help. It was so sad, thier house was made of cement so the house didnt burn down, and it was only in one room everything was just pitch black, so we had to get everything out and see what survived. IT was the room of the Mom, she was pretty distraught. And silently crying the whole time. THe whole rest of the house was covered in ash and all the walls were black from the smoke so we had to scrub down all the walls. I feel like it would've been easier if the whole thing has just burned down and they just started over again. But we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. One of the only things they were able to save from the room was her young women madallion, it was the old version like moms, when she saw it she cried tears of joy. Over all it was a neat experience and she was very grateful for 25 or so willing missionaries who came hours to work for a good 4 hours. We made quite a dent in the cleaning process. We all came back Thursday too for our normal scheduled service.

WEll I looove looove looove being a missionary! I can't imagine myself or my life without the experiences I learn everyday from serving. I love Peru with all my heart! I love my savior and know what he did is REAL! and is for each one of us! I'm so grateful a mission was part of my plan! Life is just so great and I wouldn't change a thing. Its hard, and by the end of the day I'm absolutely exhuasted but come what may and LOVE IT! and love it I DO!!! Have a great week! LES AMO!

Hermanita Nielsen

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