Monday, January 5, 2015

40 day sugar fast!‏

HOLA Buenas días Mi Querida familia!
HAPPY 2015!! wow thats soo crazy. I was a missionary for the entire year of 2014... CRAZY! So I have a ton of goals but Im only gonna shar a few that Hna Bott and I made
1.40 day sugar fast!
2. No eating after 9 (so we have to pack a snack for dinner while we are out working)
3. Write in our journals every day, we bought cute matching journals that have a spot for everyday so we are hoping that´ll motivate us, so far we´ve done good! And since we cant eat at night that makes plenty of extra time!
4. We can only speak English in the house, anything else is pure spanish.
5. And of course our motto. Stop Drop and Pray. So our goal is to pray for everything and really use the power of prayer in our work.

And so far we are doing reeeally well with our goals. WE did have to sacrifice our weekly Pday chocolate covered rasins we bought everyweek but we´ll make it through. Im super excited for this new year!

So we have a new saying, ´we are planting seeds´ because I feel like thats all ive been doing for the past 6 months. Lots of seed planting. And we joked this week that EVERYONE is planting seeds because this week all our investos that were starting to progress se fue a la charla... went to their fields. to go plant their seeds. Marisol, the one who bawled our first lesson left. And Liz who was from my first week here with her mom who passed away being named Julio who we mixed up the house.. Yeah but we planted those seeds and hopeing somewhere down the road someone will see the fruits. Gods plan is perfect.

So I need to tell you about Angel! He is a new investo we have. His wife is a member, and they have  4 kids and only one is baptized. AND THEY ARE MARRIED, that never happens. We have been teaching Angel and he is super golden! The sweetest peruvian Ive ever met! So nice.,I just love him so much. Well he had a brain tumor and has had 3 different surgeries trying to fix it, so right now he doesnt have a part of his bone on the top of his head and he is in soo much pain! He can barely walk because everything just hurts. So we havent been able to get him to church. So we asked if he wanted a blessing. he really liked that idea so we talked to the bishop and set up a time. Well when we got there with the bishop and all his counselors, they werent home... so we did our quick stop drop and pray and just prayed we find him or he´d come home or something. I just kept telling myself everything will work out, have faith. Then seconds later the nieghbor pulled up and it ended up being the wifes sister she told us they were down the road visiting his parents. so we walked down, and we finally found them, then we all went back up to their house. MIRACLE!! WE shared a quick thought about christ and the miraclkes he performed and that this was the SAME power and that accordnig to his faith he could be healed. Then they gave him a beautiful blessing and said that he would have many years in his future to serve in the lords work (future bishop!!!) and lots of other great things. He was so grateful and hugged everyone it was soo sweet! We also fasted for him to be healed! I just see sooo much potential with this family. WE had a lesson early this week and talked about temples and the wife said she knew someday he would join the church and they would be sealed in the temple. Angel said he would really like to do that too. So I dont see that someday too far away! AS soon as he heals, they can go to church as a family and it will be perfect. Ah! I just love them! Im sooo happy!
WEll im out of time, I love you all so much! I know this is the lords work and IM so happy to be apart of these miracles! 


Hermana Nielsen

Fun fact- If I had a dollar for everytime I saw someone go to the bathroom in the middle of the street (That includes male AND female) Id be a very rich missionary... I think that explains itself.

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