Monday, August 4, 2014

Wait its already Monday??‏

Como estan ustedes! 

The weeeks are flying by and  OOOH wow was this a greeeeat week! So first off a little background to my GREAT NEWS! Mauricio.Our miracle. We met him while walking with a member to her house,  he was just sitting in his motortaxi as we passed and out of no where she starts indroducing us to him, saying these are the missionaries listen to them! so we shared a folleto with him with the direction to the church and said he was welcomed to come. Just a simple contact. I guess she had met him once in the market but the member didnt even know his name.This was like a month ago. And the following sunday he actually came! All we had was his address and so the following week we passed by but never could contact him again. so time passed and we dropped him. Well the other day we saw him again in the street and planned another visit with him, we had it the home of the member that introduced us. And it was one of the BEST lessons we have ever had! HE was sooo prepared! He understood everything and before we even asked him to be baptised said he wanted to follow christ in his life and that he wanted all of this in his life. I had to privledge to invite him to be baptised and it was one of the coolest moments ever! Ive invited tons of people to be baptised before but this time i could just feel so much power, cause we both knew how ready he was. He accepted and will be getting baptized the 23 of august!! WE are sooo excited. He came to church again this week and is doing soooo well! I looove being a missionaries! I love seeing so many miracles! LOVE Ya´ll bunches!

hermana Nielsen

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