Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm getting attached....‏

haha first of all gotta admit I laughed really hard when I heard Cody is out taking senior pictures. haha! C.Scott photography might actually happen ;) Tell him to be careful with my baby though! 

Well we had another awesome week! It was really hard at first cause we just weren't having ´number success´ we couldn't find anyone new to teach, and we were both kind of getting frustrated and finally sat down and talked about what we could do better, and as we talked we realized there was so much that happened this week that was huge to peoples progression that we couldn't be counting in numbers, and in personal study  read in Alma 26, and I realized we needed to be more grateful for all those little things, and as we talked it over again, we remembered all the situations where we were being placed in the place where we needed to be, quick little story, one of the people we went to visit wasn't home so we were a little bummed and started walking towards another house and we ran into Julia, she is Hna Blanca´s mom, so our neighbor and she is 90 years old and such a trooper! (and suuuper funny, she kind of has a grandma Nielsen personality ha.) but she was visiting her family and they weren't home either so she had started to walk home which was up one of the huge hills, when we past we asked why she was walking and she said ´well i don't got any money´ so we were able to pay for a motor to take her home. And just little things like that which didn't seem big, but heavenly father knows his children and little old julia needed help getting home and we got to be that help. 

 We also went to  the Chacra, a huge garden, for service, it was suppose to be with hna Julia but she wasn't feeling good so we went with her daughter Rosa who is our other neighbor, but we havent really gotten to know her as well, we were kind of bummed cause we wanted to go with Julia, but it ended up being a great opportunity to get to know Rosa more personally and she opened up a lot. she hasn't been to  church in over 3 years since her son died, and we talked with her about the plan of salvation and temples and she was really interested about the baptisms for the dead, so this Sunday she had a interview with president to get her started on her way to the temple!! 

We also had the baptism of Andrea (hna blancas daughter) Jhastin ( hna blancas grandson) and LUIS! and it was one of the best I've seen, a lot of people came, all of our neighbors since they are all one huge family, and it was just so great! Jhastin, since he is a boy we only give him handshakes and he always gets super sad cause we always hug andrea, after his baptism i think he was just so happy and tired of it when i offered him a handshake of felicidades he shook his head and just bear hugged me, haha it was so cute but i had no idea what to do. He is 10 by the way and Andrea is 11. I LOVE THEIR FAMILY SO MUCH! And we have seen a HUGE change in all of them, and little by little more of our house is getting back into coming to church! they still have a long ways to go, but its happening! so this could be my last week in Mala and I'm freaking out, I love this families and all the new people we are teaching so much. But I'm ready to work my heart our this last little bit i got here, but I'm still crossing my fingers i stay one more transfer!I LOOOOVE being a missionary and I love you all MUCHO! 
Hermana Nielsen

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