Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VOY A ABRIR UN AREA! say whaaat?!‏

 AH I cant believe you guys are in HAWAII!? That's so awesome, I'm so glad everything worked out! Moms primera vez también! Sounded like a typical Nielsen trip, with deciding at the last second possible, and finding any possible way to save money. like parking waaay far away. haha. So maybe we should start planning our trip to Peru now.. ;) 

 SO real quick I actually didn't read through your letters last week, just a quick skim, til afterwards on my camera, CASSIDYS GOING ON A MISSION?! There's gonna be 2 Hermana Nielsens?! That's awesome, Mexico and Spanish will be soo fun for her! 
Also dad that story you told about elder Bednar with family history and pornography was so cool! I read it to Hna Cortez and we both got the chills, Family history is incredible, i wish we had more of an opportunity to use it here.
NOw for the good stuff.... I'M OPENING AN AREA!! I'M  now here in Villa El Salvador, Lima. They haven't had hermanas in this part of town in over 10 years because its super dangerous. haha. My new companion is Hermana Jimenez from MEXICO! She is super cute, we were in the CCM together so we new each other. But yeah its gonna be quite the experience but I'm super excited! I'm ready for a challenge! I don't have much time so ill have to tell you more about it later and about all my goodbyes in mala. But hope you have a great week!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Nielsen

saying goodbye to Mala!


LA CHARCLA! It was a huge bean garden. I felt like a real peruvian!

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