Monday, June 9, 2014

Coming atcha from LA!‏


¨Y Hermana Nielsen dijo al rey: He aqui. el espiritu del senor lo ha llamado a otra parte; ha ido a la tierra de Lima a instruir al pueblo de Villa El Salvador!!¨
-Alma 22:4

...AND I AM LOVING IT!  So my area is actually called Los Angeles and is waaaay different then Mala. There´s traffic here, real streets, houses are more established but I didnt quite escape the sand, and were on a hill! But im already in love with it here. We are working in 2 wards so we have 2 of everything to keep track of, but I have loved all the members iIhave met! we live with the stake president and his family in their garage. They are soo awesome! And since we are the first Hermanas in one of the wards and here in this area since 10 years everyone loves us. haha. They are so excited to have Hermanas, everyone is trying to feed us and come out working with us, its the best! But like I said its super dangerous here, thats all people say to us, it be careful. Our first day here we actually got chased by a drunk guy, but he couldn't keep up obviously so we lost him, my companion was like sprinting, but I just walked quickly. I probably should be a little more worried about our safety but I know we´re watched over and protected so I wasn't too worried. haha, Hermana Jimenez always says that she is very grateful and that president was inspired because she is scared of everything and im here to protect her. ha. so yeah we´ll be fine ;) 

This week was just alot of visiting members and our leaders trying to get to know everyone so not much else to say. I love it here, and so far opening an area has been super fun cause we get to set everything up and start from scratch basically.and we already have 4 investigators that went to church!

 I had an awesome week and Im really gonna love this new area! Love ya guys LOTS! Have a great week!
Hermana Nielsen

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