Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Papanwa Day!!

Fam BAM!
 Well well well.. so I don't have much time but I'll try and hurry and write about the things I had on my list.. 
First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY PAPANWA!! Hope it was a great day, I love you lots and im SOOO glad I had/have the strictest dad ever! ;)

Second, funny story: So we are the only Hermanas in our district with 14 elders, and were new so they were all kind of bummed to have ´hermanas´ because that meant they had to do P-day activities for us and it couldn't be all intense, well last Monday we played this game called ´mata gente´ its a Peruvian dodge ball but they said that only left hand for the Hermanas, and to get to the point of the story lets just say I showed them that I'm no whimpy ´hermana´ ha and i ended up getting them all out, they were all surprised. so the next round they decided they could use there right hands against us. haha it ended up being super fun and I think they were happy that i could actually compete with them so they could still have fun, so yeah the Hermanas are cool now in the zone haha.

As for our week, we know the area pretty well we are just working on finding new people to teach, we have 3 with baptismal dates, but only one came to church.. her name is Anett, she is 15 and lives with only her aunt because her mom is crazy,but she is super awesome! Comes to all the activities and does her reading assignments! so yeah we are excited for her. Oh yeah did Imention we are over 2 wards? so we have two of everything, and we are at church basically all Sunday. Also I'm teaching English classes one a week here! haha weird!!! But its great cause tons of investigators come! 

I cant think of much else to say this week was kind of scattered. WE have a JUST Hermanas conference with president this week and were going to the temple as a zone! the nice thing about being in Lima! woo! But yeah all is well, i love peru and i love being a missionary!

Have a great summer!! ah Cody is a senior!!
Hermana Nielsen

I was all grey and hermana jimenez was all black, ha. 

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