Monday, June 8, 2015

This is it..‏


    I don't even know where to begin. This week was sooo wonderful. I have absolutely loved our trio. We have grown sooo much together in this short time. Its unbelievable to me. I know we were meant to be together these past couple weeks. We have perfect unity and the lessons we had were incredible and completely guided by the spirit. I've never felt so united in lessons before. We visited a new investigator who wouldn't let us in. as we talked with her she ended up crying out of no where and instantly let us in because she had felt something different inside from us. Next we visited a suuper less active, same thing, the spirit cracked her and she too broke into tears and admitted everything she had been holding back. And the end after she prayed, she told us she know her prayers had been answered, because it was us. we didn't respond and just soaked in that moment, the spirit was so strong. It was amazing! sadly Hna Rodriguez is heading home tomorrow. But we all feel at peace about her decision. But it will be hard to break up our perfect trio.. 

We also went to the temple as a zone. It was my last time in the temple, I love that place so much!

As for Abel, he is all ready to go! He  is literally perfect! I can't believe how much he knows and his level of spirituality. I couldn't think of a better way to finished my last week, and my last day in my area then with his baptism!! Heavenly Father has seriously blessed us soo much! 

 Well this is it.. my last email as Hermana Nielsen so I guess I must bring it all to a close. I have no idea where to even start. These past 18 months has been incredible.

    This week I looked back on in my journal at the goals i made  at the beginning of my mission.
On march 13 I wrote.. ¨what is my plan for who I want to become on the mission.
1. I want to become a missionary like Amber. She has always been my example. I want to love my mission so much I'm sick to my stomach to end it. I want to love being a missionary and truly sincerely express it every week in email. 
2.I want to be more like my savior. Each transfer I will focus on an attribute of Christ and strive to develop it. I want to be that person who is always happy and smiling, always lifting others up above myself, who loves and accepts anyone or anything with joy! I want them to feel their savior's love for them through me.
3. I want to have charity, the pure love of Christ. Dad always talked about how much he loved the people. I want to love them that much too, from the moment I meet them. Then continuing that love after my mission to whomever I meet. Love them instantly as I would my own family because they are my  brothers and sisters.
4. I want to always be a missionary. My mission does not end after 18 months. Only begins! I have so many friends I need to share this with. Everyone I meet. My call is full-time not just 18 months.
5. I want to know the doctrine and have a deep understanding and testimony. To be able to explain it clearly. I want to know the Book of Mormon inside and out. And be able to apply it to my life and know exactly where a scripture is for others at the moment of need. I want to truly know it.
6. But most of all I want to become who my Heavenly Father wants me to be. what he expects me to be, what my husband deserves and the kind of mother my kids need. And live up to my potential and become changed for good, and forever, and all eternity from my service. 
So I'm gonna surrender myself and become his servant and give my heart and mind not just my time. It's game time.¨  

This has been by far the hardest thing I've ever done but the most rewarding experience of my life, as I reflected my goals I was grateful to see what I have accomplished. I still have room to improve but the contrast from then to now is immensive. 

And all because of the incredible gift of the atonement.

I know Jesus Christ is my savior and his atonement  has changed me forever. I'm embarrassed to say I lived 19 years of my life without it but so grateful I now have the rest of my life with it. His atonement changes, heals, forgives, cleans, and strengthens each one of us. And we need it daily. 

I know the Book of Mormon is the only way to truly come to know Jesus Christ. I love the doctrine of Christ. I testify its true, that this is his only true church on the earth and that HE LIVES.
                            I know it. I live it. and I love love love it!

I love and know I represent my savior Jesus Christ. My voice is his voice, my acts are his acts, my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. I stand in his place to say and do what he himself would say and do if he were personally ministering unto the people of Peru.  
     ¨Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God, I have been called of him to declare his words among his people that they might have everlasting life.´  3 Nephi 5:13  QUE GRANDISOS ES MI LLAMAMIENTO!!!

I love Peru with all my heart and I love being a missionary. I will forever be his disciple. I have been changed for good and forever and for all eternity from my mission. Thanks for being the most incredible family ever. 
Les amo bastante. I will see you next week. Adios.

Hermanita Nielsen

´I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.´ 
                           2Tim 4:7


Monday, June 1, 2015

´Go Bigger or Go Home... or both´‏


This week was just WOW....

First we went to the temple with ANA! SHe is a recent convert it was GREAT!

Next wE had Interviews with president and the first thing he asked me is if I was still being challenged. I laughed and told him the beginning and the end of my mission have been the hardest. And that each day I learned something knew, and that the learning process never seems to end. Our interview was super short, he just explained the doctrine but they are always so powerful.

So this week we had Hna Rodgriuez added to our companionship. And it has been such an experience. I cant share alot in details but im gonna try to explain it the best I can, and hopefully it makes sence the impact it had on me personally. SHe has had a hard mission. She was originally in our mission then had to go home for back problems and then was reasigned to another mission, then there she had a few horrible things happen, which I dont have permission to talk about but were pretty serious which lead to her being reassigned back here again for her last 3 months. WE had no idea until she finally explained everything, which shocked both my companion and I. I first thought was why in the world would president put her with us, im not the person to help her and am not good in those kinds of situations of giving comfort and being sensitive to needs. Hna Rodriguez then shared with us her testimony of the healing power of the atonement. It was so simple but it changed everything inside of me. It was like my eyes were opened even wider to how powerful and amazing the atonement is for every situations. She had been through alot of counseling and shared all that she had learned and it was just so inspiring. She also let us know that she still didnt feel completely capable of fulfilling her calling yet and would probably be going home this week. 

After everything was over with it was all I thought about all week, jsut trying to figure it all out for myself, and I kept thinking if she had never left peru for back problems all this horrible things which now will effect the rest of her life, would have never happened. I then thought back to a story from the June Liahona I had just read called the Path to Palmayra, It explained all the details of Joseph smith and his family and what they went through to finally get to palmayra. Basically every step was something unfortuante, trail after trial but it the end Heavenly father was guiding them to where they needed to be, where the plates were. I thought about Hna rodgriuez and her experience and how each step was something unfortuant leading her to where she needed to be, with us. Personally for me. I felt she was sent all the way back to peru for this short week just to share her testimony of the atonement to me. Because it just changed everything for me. And was exactly what I needed. and I beleive Heavenly father was that aware of me.  This experience for me was something very sacred and gave me so much ´ganas´ to study the atonement and the healing power it has. (I have no idea how to say that in english, it just sounds better in spanish)  
Jospeh smith and Hna Rodriguez got exactly where he needed to be. GOd is shaping and directing us every single day to ends more glorious than we can ever know.  He is so aware. 

Its impossible to explain how much I was actually impacted by this experience in this short amount of time and not being able to reread through it and make sure it made sence but hopefully that made sense. Its better in my journal. ha.

quick update on Abel, he has been late so he promised to be on time this sunday and showed up 20 minutes before it started. WE walk in and HE was the only one in the chapel sitting alone in a white shirt and tie and a nice hair cut ( he always comes in jeans and had the biggest fro ever! ha) It was the BEEEST sight EVER!!! 

I know this church is true. I know christ lives and tha he is my savior. THanks to him EVERYTHING is possible. The atonement heals everything. Its so absolutely incredible. I love being a missionary! And am so grateful for every experience!   Have a great week! 

Hermanita Nielsen


Monday, May 25, 2015

Live like your ´Dying´‏

Wow! Another week already...
As for our two with baptism dates.. Abel is so amazing! His faith and understanding is incredible, I feel we haven't done much and he is growing and learning all by himself.  His date has been changed to the 13 of June! I am praying so hard everything goes smoothly so that he can be my last baptism. Everything has been so perfect so far Im just waiting for the trail to blow up in our face. But maybe Heavenly Father is just rewarding us with this perfect baptism! And Nancy came to church! Her first sunday, and it was slightly a disater... I won't go into to much detail but basically she started her period the last hour of church... But she said loved church and was super interactive in gospel princibles. They both are so willing to learn and we are so blessed to be teaching them. WE are still struggling finding investagators. Mostly our struggle is getting inside the house and teaching for the first time. WE have tons of names recommended and we contact them and set up a time to visit but its either too busy or not home. But we press on! I'm really just trying to enjoy each day and each moment good or bad!
So this week we went to find a recent convert. I had been to her house but I couldn't remember exactly where it was. When we finally got to the house the gate was locked, I had no idea what doorbell it was, it was one of those houses that has a ton of different houses and floors. SO I just randomly hit one. A lady came on the speaker thing and asked what we wanted. We just asked for the Hna we were looking for that lived on the first floor. SHe said we have hit the 4th floor but then asked if we were missionaries, she surprisingly said yes. Then she told us to wait there and that she wanted to come down and talk to us. Kind of scared and worried whether this was a good or bad thing we waited. She ended up being a member that was just visiting and said that her niece had been going to church in the wrong ward and asked what ward we were from. SUre enough we were from the ward she was suppose to be attending. Her niece wasn't a member but loves coming to church! And she came this sunday! WE were super excited and it was such a miracle how we found her! If I hadn't hit the wrong doorbell we were have never know she was there. We have a lesson with her this week! Heavenly FAther is sooo great!
WE also visited a random name on the ward directory I didn't recognize and we went and visited them and found a  couple visiting from Canada but had lived here before and were in the ward and they gave us 6 references!! It was such a miracle.. I think randomly doing things has been working out really well for me lately.
WE also had a training with president, which was AMAZING! WE had a mini testimony meeting at the end with those he selected and it was just the best. I loove the spirit and being able to feel it everyday. I think thats what I fear the most about not being a missionary. I know it will be a lot harder to keep it with me. The things that stood out most to me was what he shared about the sabbath day. I know there are many things I will change when I am home. I never took it as serious as it really is. It was such a great training, I felt everything I learned was not what was said by president but what I recieved through impressions of the spirit which was what made it such an inspiring training.

Other then that we are just working hard and trying to talk to everyone. working each day like its my last, and enjoying all the little things, including the empanadas on the corner of the street :) I learn something new everyday. ANd I feel this change I've learned so much about myself and my relationship with my savior. He is my best friend.
I love being a missionary and I loove you guys so much! HAve a great week!!!
Hermanita Nielsen

HEy quick question. When is Cody going through the temple? Are you gonna wait for me?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

17 Months......Its no longer a celebration‏

Hey family!

This was a great week! I love being a missionary! Positives for this week definetly would be ABEL! He is doing amazing! He loves the book of mormon! He shared a 20 minute testimony with us about how much he loves it and how it has answered his questions and shared a personal experience of how he was upset and sad and read and it was literal comfort to him. AHHH!! Hearing that and seeing how he has come to know that is why I looove being a missionary! He also mentioned how he felt like the Book of Mormon was his mother in life..... uh... Then went on to explain that he never grew up with  a mom to teach him but everything he reads in the Book of Mormon is like advice from a Mom and his guidence through life, like a mother would give to her children.. Hahaha he is such  a funny guy I love that kid! He came late to church.. again. So we are gonna make sure we talk to him and make it clear he has to be there on time so his date doesnt fall. I'm super excited for him he is progressing so much! WE also put a new baptism date  with Nancy! The one with the son serving in Iquitos. SHe didnt come to church and hasnt read a whole lot but shows a sincere desire to change and become part of this gospel that her son is teaching. WE try to refer to her son alot in lessons. And help her realize everything we do and teach is exactly what her son is doing. ANd that he is helping creating eternal families in other families, and how much it would mean to him to have that eternal family created in his own family. WE are praying hard for her!

We also found Castrolina this week! It was cool because I was deciding where we should go next and had a house in mind so we started walking that way then I just decided to take a different route and we saw her, she was pushing a mobile food stand all by herself so we offered to help. I dont know how she was planning on doing that alone, it was heavy and hard to push. She told us usually her son comes to help her but couldnt today, we asked where she was headed and it was kind of far but we  helped her the whole day. ANd it was hard, haha we were all sweating a ton by the time we got there. SHe thanked us and we took down her information. WE looked for her house but could never find it... Then later that week just like the first time I just randomly changed my mind of where to go and as we were walking we saw her coming out of her house! We were able to teach a short lesson! It was such a miracle! It reminded me of Elder Bednar when he says ´Be a good girl´ Alot of times we dont notice the spirit as a prompting just a thought but if we are doing what we are suppose to we are guided. It was neat to see how that was worked through me this week.

Then Tuesday after district meeting we got an announcement that an Hermana in our stake house caught on fire. So we had to hurry home and change, skipping lunch and we all went over to help. It was so sad, thier house was made of cement so the house didnt burn down, and it was only in one room everything was just pitch black, so we had to get everything out and see what survived. IT was the room of the Mom, she was pretty distraught. And silently crying the whole time. THe whole rest of the house was covered in ash and all the walls were black from the smoke so we had to scrub down all the walls. I feel like it would've been easier if the whole thing has just burned down and they just started over again. But we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. One of the only things they were able to save from the room was her young women madallion, it was the old version like moms, when she saw it she cried tears of joy. Over all it was a neat experience and she was very grateful for 25 or so willing missionaries who came hours to work for a good 4 hours. We made quite a dent in the cleaning process. We all came back Thursday too for our normal scheduled service.

WEll I looove looove looove being a missionary! I can't imagine myself or my life without the experiences I learn everyday from serving. I love Peru with all my heart! I love my savior and know what he did is REAL! and is for each one of us! I'm so grateful a mission was part of my plan! Life is just so great and I wouldn't change a thing. Its hard, and by the end of the day I'm absolutely exhuasted but come what may and LOVE IT! and love it I DO!!! Have a great week! LES AMO!

Hermanita Nielsen

Monday, May 11, 2015

No Para para Nada‏

Hey Family!!

It was sooo great to see and talk to you even though it was really slow and cut short, It started working perfectly for my companion 30 minutes later but thats okay, she needed it more then I did. She only has 4 months in the mission. But I didn't really get to say goodbye so I hope you had a great day Mom and know I love ya LOOOTS! keep a look out in the mail!

SO this was a week full of different distractions and everyone was busy. Like I said to you guys Mothers Day seems bigger then Christmas here. The streets were filled with people on every corner. Cooking and drinking and dancing, flowers everywhere. All week long. Sunday was the worst though! buuut through all the comotion we were still able to find a few lessons and we finally put Abel with a baptism date! Its set for the 6 of June! He is really excited! We asked if he was able to read and pray and he said he read the whole chapter and then he did as we said and he prayed but didn't feel anything then he said that night he had a dream, I didn't quite understand it but he said afterwards that he knows this book is true! WOO! He then explained that it was even more special to him because the copy he has is from his Mom (who passed away when he was 5) He said a little while ago before we came and found him he was going through all her old stuff and found her personal book of mormon and it has all her markings and notes so he kept it and was interested in it but didn't actually read it til we came. How sweet is that? He is doing so great! And even said he wanted to serve a mission when he gets to that point! His good friend from grade school has been a huge example and help to him these past 2 weeks. He is preparing for the mission and has been super excited that Abel is taking the lessons and on board in helping us. So I think that's why he wants to serve a mission too. 

 We are also teaching a couple Melisa and Johan. They are married!!! And super great! We taught them about the book of mormon and they asked me to share how I came to know it was true. It was really neat, no one has ever asked me that or to share it, so I shared it and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've had. I shared that I was taught to read it since I was little but I didn't understand it then, but I knew that if I was ever feeling sad that if I read it it would make me feel better. I was just reading words that didn't make any sense to me but I loved the way it make me feel and I could recognize that from a young age. Then I shared that I finally read it all the way through for myself and prayed just as Moroni says. It's so cool for me cause I can remember that moment so clearly when I had the chance to kneel and pray in my bedroom after finishing it for seminary freshman year and ask if it was true. I remember I was home alone so no one else was in the house and after praying I just felt peace  the same deep peace I feel when I share my testimony and I thought to myself I know its true. I have no doubt. And that was it. I got my answer. They really loved hearing this and said they wanted to try it out for themselves. We haven't seen them since but I'm excited to see how it went! I loooove the book of mormon so much! 

Thursday for service we made mothers day cards for all the mothers. That's what I was trying to show you guys. I drew them and they turned out reeeally cute! Mothers day was impossible to work cause no one was home so we just took them around the all the mothers in the ward and thanked them personally. they all really liked that. 

 President and Hna douglas came to our ward, and President spoke. It was sooo good! He is so Powerful! I don't know if I've mentioned this but he is ending with me so this is his last cambio too and boy is he just giving every last little bit he's got! I'm so grateful for both of them! President also came and we did a weekly planification together as a zone for trainging. Like always he starts with something then just starts preaching at us about whatever he feels he needs to say. It had nothin to do with planning but it was so great! At the end he bore his testimony about how much he loves being a missionary and how it kills him that he is almost done. I relate to him so much so it just hit me even more how much I looooove being a missionary. I really do love everything about every moment being here in Peru. I know this is the greatest work because it is his work. I know it. I love it. And nothin is stopping me these last few weeks.

Have a great week!! Love you guys sooo much!!

Hermanita Nielsen

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4th quarter.. NO REGRETS!‏


First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Hope You had a wonderful day!! I love you sooo much!!

Wow this felt like the loongest week ever. Soo much has happened! So last week... Hna Bott came and stayed with us Monday, it was great we got to go on a 2.5mile run in the morning and just blabbed on the whole time catching up! 

This last week was great! WE were so blessed! We found some real potentials and have investigators progressing! I really truly believe we will see baptisms this change! As long as we do all of our part to help them. First we have Abel, he is 18 orphaned since he was about 6 raised by his aunt who is a less active just because she works on Sundays. But he is great! He went to church as a kid and came this Sunday and found a few old friends he had from primary! It was crazy! And he READ THE WHOLE chapter we left him! He already told us he wants to be baptized because he is the only one in his family who isn't baptized. we´ll defiantly make sure he understands everything though. We are putting a fecha with him this week! I really believe he is chosen! WE also had a lady contact us in the street and said she needed help with her family, and she came to church all by herself! but it was after the sacrament. But I'm super excited to help her. WE also focused a lot on the book of mormon this week and it was amazing! We have been reading 1 Nephi 1 together with them, and they get so excited they WANT to keep reading into ch2. SO many don't realize the book of mormon is a story, about families. And it has helped them to have more desires to read and learn more. 
Then Saturday we had Plan Rescate which is when the CCM missionaries come out (remember when I would go out and proselyte in the ccm) with us and we go visit less actives and invite them to church. I got put with a little chilean. Hna Muñoz. It felt like having a baby! It was so fun to take her around and show her how the work is. WE taught 2 really great lessons! 

WE also had Changes! Hna Addington left for Nasca and my new companion is Hna Giler  (pronounced healer) She is from Equador and just the cutest thing eeeever! 
 I'm so very excited for this next change! I love Hna Giler so much already! She is so great and we are so ready to work and see miracles! Im so grateful to be here in this area! And I'm so ready to sprint to the end, giving all that I have.I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary! I cant imagine doing anything else right now. And I'm no where near ready to come home. Thank goodness there is still time. No regrets this change!

Hermanita Nielsen

ALso we are still in the process of finding a place to skype but I will be calling Saturday to coordinate everything so don't be on the phone. And I will see you all SUNDAY!
***goodbyes to Hna cook. Russle´s wife´s sister. We call each other cousins. and tell everyone we are family.. which we kind of are. Ha She always gives me the updates on how they are all doing.

Monday, April 27, 2015


The weeks are just flying by its scaring me a lot.. But this was a really good week! WE had a Multizona on wednesday! It was Presidente and Hermana Douglas´s as well as mine last Multizona It was soooo great! He talked about alot of random topics. It's so funny he just kind of gets going and just follows the spirit in what he needs to say, so topics change fast. One point he will be telling stories, the next second he is dead serious spitting in our faces (I was in the front row) yelling at us that if we aren't serious to just go home. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! It was just so great! We´ve decided (the hermanas) that President Douglas is a perfect mixture of Holland and Bednar. He teaches so clearly like Bednar but gets so firery like Holland. Hermana Douglas gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost too! It was so cool cause she said it was actually a repeat of one she had given before that she has been requested many times to do over again. I recognized it so I was looking back in my notes and it turns out it was the talk she gave at my very first Multizona. It was so cool to look over my old notes while she was giving it. I also found it interesting that I took more notes the second time hearing it as a experienced missionary then I did when I was new and knew nothing. Just showed me how much I'm still learning and growing! I love it! We also got to watch Meet the Mormons, FINALLY! It finally has made it to south america. haha. We watched it in spanish and it was really good! It even had the song Glorious at the end IN SPANISH by David Archuleta. SO good! My favorite story was the Boxer, mostly cause i was jealous of her long run it shows through forest and beaches. ha. After that we had a mini Q&A with president and Hna Douglas. IT was so great. Lots of questions about the atonement and their testimonies, how they have changed in the mission. There was such a powerful spirit there! Then it turned a little into there advice for our future lives and they started talking about parenting and families. As much as I squirm hearing about those things I love when they give us thier advice on those topics. I took lots of notes haha.
 I felt like my testimony on families and parents was very strengthened this week. All the families we taught this week told us about there relation problems and its so sad to see how some of them are living. And how there is so respect or love. Thats why I love sharing the gospel cause this is whats gonna help them! WE had a lesson with our less active Alisia, she has been improving and coming back to church so well these last few months. Her son is getting married next month in the temple too! But no one explained to her she wouldnt be able to attend. She thought all she needed was a normal temple recommend. When we tried to explain it to her she got sooo mad. SHe was yelling and saying, thats not the way GOd would have it. And that his own mother should be allowed to go. And that it didnt seem right to her. And it wasn't that way in the catholic church so they were better. SHe was just going off. and we both just kind of sat there not sure what to say. I said a quick prayer in my head. Then I just asked if she knew families could be forever, she said yes. Then I asked what place makes that possible? she settled down a little bit but never answered. Then I just bore testimony that I knew her son and his wife would be together forever. I said what would be more important a wedding til death til they part that you can go to, or a wedding for eternity. 
WE also had a miracle this week! Hna douglas talked a lot about the spirit and its been something I've been trying to be more concious about as we work. This week I felt its guidance. We ran into and contacted a lot of people this week who have either been to church before or taken lessons before and are excited to have us come back and teach them. We were even contacted in the street this week by a Mother whose son is a member and serving a mission in Iquitos, she isn't a member but said her son kept telling her to listen to the missionaries, she has just moved to this area and didn't know any members or anything about the church and saw us in the street. We were able to go and visit her and she is very open! I know we were an answer to that missionary´s prayer to find his mom. We are seeing small miracles like these everyday, I am so very grateful for them and know heavenly father is guiding us. And if we just keep acting they will lead us to bigger miracles and eventually those ready for baptism! I love love love being a missionary

This is the last week of this transfer! I cant beleive it! SO the next time I will be writing will probably be wednesday. Then I will be starting my last transfer. so werid. so bittersweet. Mostly bitter. But im so ready to work!! This is something President shared with us in his letter last week sorry its in spanish... 

April 20, 2015
En el año 1982, ocurrió una de los partidos de fútbol norte americano mas recordados de todos los tiempos. Cuando el partido solo faltaba 4 segundos, el Equipo de Stanford tomó la delantera y estaba ganando 20 a 19. Los fans de Stanford y el equipo seguramente pensaban que habían ganado. Aún la banda de música empezó a entrar la cancha con los fans. Nadie se daba cuenta que todavía quedaba 4 segundos. Cuando todos los del equipo oponente estaban celebrando prematuramente y totalmente desenfocados, El equipo California puso la pelota en juego y en 4 segundos avanzaron le pelota 100 metros para ganar 25 a 20. Fue un ejemplo magistral de lo que ocurre cuando uno pierde su enfoque. Todo lo que Stanford había ganado durante todo el tiempo del partido fue perdido en los últimos 4 segundos. No tenía que ser así. En los últimos 4 segundos, este equpo, por haberse desenfocado, perdió la confianza de todos y decepcionaron a todos sus fans. Este equipo de Stanford jamás ha sido recordado como el equipo que perdió su enfoque, el equipo que no cumplió. Que vergüenza por ellos, que remordimiento y amargo pesar. Y no tenía que ser así.
Misioneros de Lima Sur, la doctrina de Cristo nos enseña “a menos que el hombre persevere hasta el fin, siguiendo el ejemplo del Hijo de Dios viviente, no puede ser salvo.” Misioneros, este aplica directamente a su misión. No es “perseverar hasta el fin” cuando un misionero, terminando la misión, se desenfoque en su casa. Cuando un misionero lo hace pierde la confianza de los demás misioneros. Además, pierde el Espíritu y decepciona a Dios, su familia y sus conversos eternos. Misioneros, les pido que sean misioneros de toda la doctrina de Cristo. No hay gloria que se encuentra en hablar del fin de la misión. La palabra “trunky” significa “no fiel” y es un descrédito para un misionero y la obra sagrada de consagración que hacemos. 
Misioneros, cuando hay un misionero terminando su tiempo acá, favor de no recordarles de esto. Ellos necesitan su apoyo en perseverar hasta el fin. Misioneros terminando, mantenga su mira puesta únicamente en Dios y “vuestro cuerpos entero será lleno de luz y no habrá tinieblas en vosotros.” Que majestuoso ejemplo dejó el profeta Jose Smith en terminar su llamamiento. Se dice de él “Vivió grande y murió grande a los ojos de Dios y de su Pueblo. Se debe decir de todos los misioneros de Lima Sur que “Sirvieron grande y terminaron grande a los ojos de Dios y de sus conversos y los demás misioneros”. 
La carrera no termina hasta el último nanosegundo y cuando el Señor lo dice. Pablo dijo “¿No sabeís que los que corren en el estadio, todos a la verdad corren, pero sólo uno se lleva el premio? Corred de tal manera que lo obtengais.” Misioneros, ¡el premio solo viene a los que perseveran hasta el fin! 
No nos escuchamos nada mas de misioneros desenfocados. Es una vergüenza y descrédito a nuestro Señor. 
¡Les amamos mucho!

 basically it just says the end is where it all comes down to. I had a dream this week and in it I randomly remembered the Madsens License plate that says NDUR2ZN or something like that. I woke up and really liked it and decided it would be my last transfer theme. ha ENDURE TO THE END!! This is my last 4 seconds in the 4th quater.

I love you all soooooo much!!! Keep enduring! Thanks for all you guys do!

Hermanita Nielsen

Monday, April 20, 2015

When in Peru do as the Peruvians do‏

Hey Family!

LAst week for Pday we went to the center of Lima, I went there last year when I was in the CCM. It was cool to go back, we just shopped and took pictures of all the pretty buildings.
  Tuesday I had an intercombio with Hna Rush. She is from Arizona and we have about the same time in the mission and it was the BEST intercombio ever! We talked about eeeeeeeverything! Goals, how the mission has affected our lives, how much we have changed, how much every girl NEEDs to go on a mission, how scared we are to return home, just everything. It was so much fun! and it was nice to have someone to talk to, I just felt so edified afterwards. WE got along reeeally well. Love her! Great missionary!

This week I finished the Book of Mormon reading aloud in spanish. FINALLY! took me like 8 months. But now my goal is to finish it again in english before I go home! 

OKay so this is just gonna be tons of  random stories..

  We are teaching a less active that just moved here from Iquitos, the jungle, and she has the coolest accent. It sounds like a thick southern accent but in spanish. Its sooo funny! On the phone the other day, as she was hanging up she said *Ya Hermanitas chua bediciones..* I thought that was a strange thing to say so I said it in English with her accent. And both Hna Addington and I were like TRACEY! (old youtube video) So now we always say paz y bediciones. or Peace and blessings, with our best version of a thick accent haha.

WE met a guy who looked exactly like captain hook this week! His name is Eduardo, he has long black curly hair down to his shoulders, this sounds terrible but he even has the hook! He somehow got his hand shopped off except one finger, so its all wrapped and bandages up and his pointer finger sticks out the top and he uses it just like captain hook. An At first glance I was reeeally scared to enter his house, but he ended up being AWESOME! He was like mindblown when we taught him about the trinity. And it just made so much sense to him. He was writing down notes so he could show it to all the other preachers that stop by his house. haha. He also loved the restoration. Got super excited, it was kind of scary! but well just have to  see what happens next with captain hook.. 

We were teaching a less active and she told us she could not go to church because she was addicted to her sewing machine...... She told us how she wakes up in the middle of the night and just has this burning desire and need to sew and she just cant stop or control it. So she wouldnt be able to come to church... uhhh... HAHAHA!

There is an Elder in our district who is teaching a family and thier names are Johnny, John and Juan... we joke and say whats the moms name Juana?

Yesterday a man passed us with his dogs then a few minutes later was running to catch up to us and then asked my companion, what do I have to do to talk to her. referring to me. We didn't understand so we just said oh well we are missionaries and if youd like to learn more about the church we can come visit you. Then he just said no, I just want to talk to her. Ya chua!  So we started walking away and he just keeps yelling *Eres Bonita*  

Sorry this is all kind of jumbled..  But I LOVE you guys sooo much! It amazes me that even 16 months in I still feel like Im learning as much as I did when I first got here. AND I LOVE IT! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! THanks for being the best family EVER!

Hermanita Nielsen

Hermana Addington and I

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Tomato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away‏

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sooooooooo excited!! Thats sooo crazy!!! And sooo perfect for him!! And my other Native brother is going to whatever that place is called.  Adriatic Mission? Im so excited for BOTH of them! Loved the pictures! Thats soo exciting! Not sure how I feel about giving my homecoming talk on his farwell. Yikes. phew im still filled with just so much adrenaline.. Felicidades Cody and Jacob!
  Alright now I'm gonna have to try and refocus, so sorry if this doesnt make any sense. We had a great week! LAst monday for pday we went to this mall on the beach! It was soo pretty. That postcard I sent Cody, yeah thats where we were. Or really close. We just kind of walked around and looked at things. It was expensive but it was beautiful! Then Tuesday I went on exchanges with Hna Alvarez back to my old area in San Juan. I had never actaully met her but everyone says she is crazy and has mental problems and laughs uncontrollably and all her companions have struggled with her. so I was kind of scared going into it. But it was THE BEST! I dont know if it was a good day for her or something but we had sooo much fun! She did laugh a lot but I was laughing right along side her so it felt normal. We had a super great time. I enjoyed every second with her and it was a nice break from my area. I could completely be myself with her. IN the morning we woke up at 6 cause they all go and workout in this one place that has a track and what not. Basically the whole zone goes and workouts together. So I ran around the track. I had just completed 2.5 miles when all the elders asked if I wanted to race. I agreed. The race was just 1 lap around the track. So it was me and a bunch of Elders. They all took off sprinting, I ran it like I would a 400m in track They were all just a little in front of me then the last 200m I passed them all and ended up coming in a close 2nd. haha, of course elders never expect this of Hermanas so I earned a lot of respect haha. I just left out telling them the fact that I was a 400 runner. ha but it was suuper fun! I really enjoyed my exchange.

   ALright now for what's going on in the lords vineyard here in CHorillos.. 
Our invest Jesus who had a baptism date fell through.. WE haven't been able to meet with him for 2 weeks and he didn't come to church. His whole family are members so were not giving up but were gonna give him some space until he is more commited to make sacrifices to meet with us and go to church. kinda sad... 
Leonardo is doing great! Its a slow process but now he catches himself saying and answering questions with God as the answer even though he still says he doesn't believe. But he is a lot more comfortable talking to us about it and really wants to believe it. He just wants too many signs and doesn't understand the faith in the process. But we see him everyday because his mom is our pension so we are becoming better friends and he trusts us a little more. Poco a poca con El. WE also met a guy named Micheal this week. He showed up at a less actives house and joined the lesson. HE had tons of questions and lots of opinions. He didn't do much listening when we answered them and was kind of rude, but wanted to keep learning, and showed up again the second lesson in the less actives house. SO I guess he really is serious. We´ll see what happens with him. WE also contacted a reference, she was from another church and basically told us really nicely she would not accept our visits, so we explained the book of mormon she had lots of questions and at the end we asked if we could leave a copy with her, and she would not accept it. We kept fighting it a little. But she would NOT accept it. Just makes me think a little afterwards. She was soo agaisnst it. SHe wouldnt even accept it or touch it. I think its cause people are scared to know if it might be true. Cause they don't want to change. But we just bore testimony of it and left. I Love the book of mormon and it breaks my heart when people wont even try it.. 
 We met Carmen, a new invest. SHe is super awesome! Everything she said was just perfect. She is super religious and prays with her husband already as well as save sundays for thier family day so they can all be home! SHe was super excited to hear our message and learn more. Sunday we passed by again and her husband answered. He wasn't as thrilled when we met him and said they were busy... But Tengo fe! We're gonna teach thier whole family! They seem super great!

Other then that I still dont know our area and it stresses me out alot. This is the first area I've struggled with. I feel like I know no one and haven't contributed as much as I need to be. I kind of got a slice of humble pie this week. Many times. And realized I need to rely more on Heavnely help as well as the enabling power of the atonement. It was a good wake up for me and I hope to see some changes in this next week!

I love being a missionary! IM so excited for CODY!! I'm healthy and I'M happy!! and I love you alll! Have a great week!!!
Hermanita Nielsen

Fun fact. I eat tomatoes literally EVERYDAY. And I eat them like an apple. hahaha 

Monday, April 6, 2015

I Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.. and Conference.. and Hna Bott :)‏


IM GONNA BE A TIA???!!! I really hope Chelsea wasnt pulling an April fools joke on me cause ive literally just shouted it and told it to the whole world already. CONGRATS! IM so excited!! IM gonna be a TIA! 
  So this was a great week! SO MANY ANSWERS TO PRAYERS! First one, I kind of mentioned last week how I was struggling a little, just with a new companion and new area and just lots of things, well I decided to write Hna Bott a letter and tell her a little and I mentioned how I missed her and wished she was there so I could see how she would handle it cause I knew she´d be better about it. Well God loves his missionaries and is so aware of my needs! WE got a call around 6 that a few hnas were coming that night and needed to sleep in our house, since were the new hotel for hnas. And im sure you could guess who it was... HNA BOTT! I was sooo excited! It was such an answer to my prayers. We talked non stop and got all the updates on each others families and it was just exactly what I needed. To get off my chest a few things Id been carrying. THen in the morning I was in the bathroom and I hear this loud scream then what sounded like a waterfall hahaha. Hna Bott was using our big water tank and the top fell off and water came gushing out all over the kitchen floor. it looked like a lake. I walked out and her face looked like she was about to cry and I just started laughing soo hard. I dont think Ive laughed that hard since the whole rat experience. And boy did it feel good. Im pretty sure Heavenly Father sent her and took the top off the water just so I could have that relieving good laugh. It was just the best. I LOVE HNA BOTT! Later she told me that they were originally assigned to a different house but they changed it at the last minute. I dont think that was a coincedence, Heavenly Father just knows my needs perfectly! I later wrote her a note thanking her for everything and gave it to her along with the other I had written before i knew she was coming. 

   THen conference!!! I went in with 4 specific questions. And it was amazing and I literally sat there in shock and how perfectly each question was answered. Every single one of them! I know we have living prohpets and apostles today who DO recieve revelations for us! I LOVED LOVED LOVED conference. I really liked Oaks talk about the parable of the sower, as well as Elder Pearson about enduring which fit in perfectly for me in trying to sprint to the end. I also really liked the one by Elder Ringwood about titles and leadership and just serving our God and not looking for acknowlegment. Also lots said about the family! And everytime it just makes me so so so very grateful for the family I have and the parents I have! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE BEST!! I also really loved Nelsons about the sabbath Day.. And I always love Hollands bold shouting at us, ahh best,.haha I could probably just keep on saying all the ones I loved. haha and the muuusiic!! I wasnt even there, but I just felt like the music was soo powerful this year, and I could just imagine Dad singing along with them ´consider the lilies of the field.... ´ and then continue singing it the whole rest of the afternooon. Am I right? 

I actually didnt know it was easter til the afternoon session. I thought it was next week. But it wasnt too late to celebrate and be super grateful for my savior jesus christ. What would we do without him ??
Job 19: 25-26 
For I know that my redeemerliveth adn that he shall standat the latter day upon  the earth
 Im soo grateful to know that HE DOES LIVE!! I love him soo much! I love you all sooooo much too! Thanks for being the best!! Have a greeeat week! 

Hermana Nielsen

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Give me Mountains to Climb‏


Give me mountains to climb! First because churrillos is super flat and I miss my mountainous ayacucho! which was pure hill. BUt im finding my own personal mountains to climb. This was a great week full of personal trials but I am so so very grateful for them! But besides the growing experiences we had a great week!

Last tuesday we had to pick up an Hna who just finished her mission and was headed home to Nasca, we live right across the street from he mission office so we are we have to do all the favors for the asistants. So she stayed the night with us then the next day we had to take her to catch her bus home. Well it took us a while to get out the house and find a ride with all her suitcases so we got there a little late and turns out her bus was leaving right as we got there... Oops.. so we called the office and they said to try and catch another bus that wasnt as nice so we hurried and took a taxi over to the other station and as we went to buy her tickets Hna Addington realized she had forgotten the money that the office gave us to buy all her tickets, so we began scrambling for money looking in all our pockets. and came up with barely enough to pay for her ticket to get there, we bought the tickets and got her on her bus finally home. She was super cute. Then afterwards we realized we needed to head back home but we didnt have squat.. like literally we had 2 soles all together. WE were way far away from our house and had no idea how the bus routes were.. So I went over to a security guard to ask about buses and just prayed thered be a way with just 2 soles... As I talked to him out of no where appeared OBISPO JUAN! He isn't our bishop, I dont even think he is from our mission but he is super good friends with Presidente and always does favors and cooks for leadership counsel meeting so we knew him. And he just asked where ya headed Hermanas. And offered us a ride. WHAAT?! Holy smokes miracle/Tender mercy! God loves us. So he gave us a ride back to our house free, it was such a huge miracle we couldnt stop thanking him! haha.

WE worked really hard this week! This area is awesome! There are some really prepared people here and the ward is super supportive! Which just makes me feel the pressure that we gotta do soo much to use it and find those people. This is a part of presidents letter to me that I really liked...

Sister Nielsen, Bolognesi is a very special part of the Lord´s vineyard. The bishop is a man of great vision and capacity. Be a supercharged missioanary to help build Bolognesi. Be at the top of your teaching, your motivating and finding to explode the faith in Bolognesi. There is huge potential there for one with great faith! Harness all you have to make a difference there. I know you can! We love you!

I'M so grateful for this new area and we gonna see tons of miracles! THis week we taught Jesus who has a date for the 11th of april! his mom and kids are members, this was the 2nd lesson with him. he is pretty much solid. HE understands and believes everything.he is still waiting for his answer but its not slowing down his progression, he knows this is what he wants
We just have to finish all his lessons and he will be ready to go! Next we are teaching Leonardo, his mom just got baptized and she is suuuuper awesome. HE doesnt beleive in God so its been a different way of teaching him but he is willing to learn  and says he wants to believe! SO we are working hard with him. Those are the only 2 really progressing right now. 

Well I love being a missionary! I feel I've lost that greenie fire or its not as strong  but its something I've been trying to find again so finish with. BUt i loove loove looove working and serving and hope i can give everything heavenly father wants from me here in this area like president said. I'M so excited for conference next week too!!! I've never been so excited in all my life!! Hope  YOu all have a great week!!!

Herman NIelsen

ps, Ive made my decision and Its offical, my date is the 16 of june... its just easier that way.